Tips For Painting Your House

Today, in Vivir Hogar, we want to talk to you about a lot of things related to quickly improving your home. If you are one of those who always observe the advantage of free time to develop your house, I think you will like to know that with a simple layer of paint you can change the interior of your home. Of course, although painting does not require great science, it is true that there are certain things you must take into account if you want everything to go as you imagine. So, why do not you keep reading and start up the following tricks?

The painting can transform a room entirely economically. If you decide to paint yourself, you can save up to 70% of what it would cost you the work done by a professional painter. If you are one of those who always gets the most out of your budget, and you like to renovate your house where the price is the most important, I think you should take note of everything that we are going to present to you next.

Painting is not complicated but requires more than buying a paint bucket and brushes. If you want your walls to be painted correctly, you should not skimp on the preparation. It is best to concentrate on a room by room so you can finish a painting within a day or two.

Essential Tips For Painting Your House

Choosing the right color can be a bit complicated because the options are extensive but to facilitate the work you can follow the following tips:

The plastic paint is the most suitable for ceilings and walls because its composition is based on water and will facilitate the work and subsequent cleaning

Choose monolayer and anti-drip paints, they are a little more expensive, but they will make your job easier.

Choose the paint color according to the dominant color in the room

The lighter colors should go on the ceiling and the average colors on the walls

The colors made to measure with the machine are very useful because with the reference you can always buy the same paint tone that you have already applied.…

Preparations To Paint Your Home

Before starting to paint, cover the floor with the cardboard rolls used by the painters, they are not very expensive, and they will prevent the paint from sticking to the shoes or other parts of the house. The furniture in the room is better than the groups in the center of the room and the tapes with plastics or old sheets. Do not forget to put painter’s tape on the door frames, windows and skirting boards.

Look at the wall and cover any gap with repair putty by pressing with a wet finger and stretching with a spatula. When drying, pass sandpaper through the wall to avoid roughness. This way you will get the paint for your home to be perfect and that there will be no problem on your walls.

When you start painting, paint the edges first. Try to give light strokes with the brush instead of stretching the paint. To begin painting with the roller, it is necessary that you soak it in water previously. According to painters Broomfield it is best to fill the paint tray without covering the drain board so you can remove excess paint from the roller.

Try to cover the walls using movements with the roller in the form of M or W but do not separate the roller from the wall until you need to fill it with paint again. When the roller starts to get sticky on the wall, it’s time to reload it with color again. When you have the painted wall, let it dry for a few hours, and if necessary, you can apply a second coat by repeating the previous tips.